Under Armour, face mask, 1 pc. 30 €, - excl. delivery. Available in 6 different color combinations. Available at Under Armor's webshop

The American sports equipment manufacturer threw every man in the development laboratories when the corona was suddenly upon us in March 2020. With new needs such as face masks - and in some countries also in gyms - there was an uncultivated market in front of the sports brands, if they wanted to. And that would be Under Armour.


Product designers and engineers worked hand in hand back in the dawning spring and that resulted in an exciting, high-tech product. Read more about mask structure and properties in this article , featuring several sports manufacturers' face masks.

So with exercise in mind, but also underlying elements, such as shopping trip and general use in eg public transport, put footballogy.net the mask from Under Armour under a magnifying glass. See our overall rating with grades at the bottom of the article.

Sådan er Under Armour's Sportsmask konstrueret
This is how Under Armour's Sports Mask is constructed. Photo: PR

Functionality based on purpose / description

We are approaching a top score in this part. Made for sport. Perfect for sport. 

Fit / comfort

Of course, it is difficult to make a face mask that suits all people in the world. Therefore, you can also get several different sizes, from XS to XL. Footballogy.net's test person might have wanted to try a mask that was number one, but at the same time the one we tested was also cast, but we might think that a little ‘air’ could have made the experience absolutely perfect. There was, of course, the obligatory metal hanger, to give the mask an even better fit. We could see that this metal brace was super flexible and at no point seemed to give in or was about to break. That said, the design team from UA has made a strange crack at the top of the nose, which might well have been done with a bit more finesse. 


With the breathability that Under Armour Sportsmask brought to the fore, one could hardly demand more. The air flow was close to perfect during the training, which was the main purpose. Even during everyday chores, it could work - and optimally. 

Under Armour's mask is a result of a collaboration between the sports producer's research team and the design department's ditto. Photo: PR

Appearance / design 

The design is well thought out with a design that calls for the small features such as microscopic patterns and straps. At the same time, the latter is also ‘the weakest link’ when it comes to durability and after a good month we saw that the small silver strings in the mask became a little frayed.

Value for money

Even though it is the most expensive version of face masks we have come across, it is worth all the money. Footballogy.net can definitely recommend this mask and we will not hesitate to buy a new one if the first one either gives up or we get it thrown away - or a completely third thing, such as putting the mask too close to a candle with the strap inside over the flame. Vupti, then smoke that elastic. But it was now just a side story to an otherwise near-perfect face mask from Under Armour.


  • We will probably have to deal with the corona for a while yet, so invest in an electric jug which can change the temperature so it can heat up to i.e. 80 degrees celsius. One point - if we take the heat loss in mind which necessarily comes when pouring the water into the sink - is high enough to destroy all bacteria and viruses. After use, daily, the masks could be placed in a clean washbasin, where you mix water and washing powder well. Warning: Be aware of the heat! Use a large spoon or similar to get the hot water well around the masks. After a few minutes, the face masks are ready to be rinsed and you can add a little rinsing agent in the last round of rinsing.

This is how we tested

Over several weeks and workout, we tested the product in the gym, when shopping and generally in areas where people move close.

This is how is the face mask presented was presented when UA revealed their new product. A directly result from the Covid-19 pandemicVideo: PR / Under Armor.

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Functionality based on purpose / description
94 %
Fit / comfort
89 %
96 %
Appearance / design
92 %
Value for money
93 %
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test-under-armour-sportsmask-2Under Armour's face mask is unique throughout. Only place it? Lacks? Is? is on the overall quality. There are concerns that the mask is simply ... losing a mask. The otherwise fine details on the mask turn out after a good month to? Variegate ?, so if you do not get these small fabric strings cut away, there is a justified? Fear? so that it can run wild and make the mask somewhat less attractive in appearance. So a tip on either reinforcing these patterns or dropping them altogether is hereby passed on. Otherwise, the mask, as the price also indicates, is in the absolute top class. For example, it is 6 times more expensive than PUMA's three-layer mask and Reebok / Adidas's ditto. The latter, however, has only two layers of fabric, so a real comparison with these is probably difficult.