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Denne artikel er mere end 12 måneder gammel og kan indeholde gammel/uddateret information. This entry has been published on 17th December 2020 and may be out of date.

You'll never walk alone, is sung in the legendary club song, but in the future the fans of the Premier League club Liverpool will be even less alone if the club get its plans approved. The gigant club has huge plans to expand the home ground of Anfield Road with 7,000 new seats so that the arena can accommodate more than 61,000 spectators.

Furthermore – and as the trend prescribes in these years – Liverpool will also prepare Anfield Road to become a kind of multi-arena where concerts and other major events can be held. The expansion is expected to run up to £ 60 million and was actually planned to be launched somewhat earlier than at present. It is the all-consuming corona pandemic that has delayed the project. 

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Construction plans for millions

It's actually not long ago since excavators and scaffolding were taken down, after yet another expansion. This happened back in 2016, when the capacity was expanded by as many as 8,500 seats, which meant that almost 55,000 football fans could show up at Anfield when things went wild. At the time, the construction project cost as much as £ 100 million. It's John Henry's Fenway Sports Group that recently took over the ownership of Liverpool FC and has thus set in motion the very large construction plan.

anfield road
Liverpool could soon have room for 7,000 extra spectators if the plans for a £ 60m project by all accounts are approved during the spring of 2021. Photo: Jack Hunter/

The club's neighbors are thanked by the Liverpool managing director.

And if there's one thing Liverpool's residents agree to stand up for, it's their football team. The club's managing director, Andy Hughes, is therefore reaching out – with a thank you – to the club's fans and not least the neighbors, who may be a side of the same case: – We’d like to thank everyone who has offered a contribution to that consultation process, Hughes said in a press release.

Economically sustainable plans

With respect for the club's neighbors, a proposal has been drawn up in which these have been consulted: – We feel that we now have a proposal that has been informed by our neighbours, will support the wider economy and provide an opportunity for more of our fans to come to Anfield to support our great team, says Andy Hughes from the Liverpool administration.

Liverpool spectators
Liverpool fans can soon look forward to even more fans on the stands if Liverpool City Council says yes to the club's plans for a multi-arena. Photo: Shaun Donnelly /

Hughes further states that more than ever , and precisely because of covid-19 and the lack of spectators at the stadium, there is a need to move forward with the plans for the expansion as soon as the time comes.

Liverpool City Council is set to turn its thumbs up or down in the spring of 2021

If the plans are approved, which Liverpool City Council will decide on in the spring of 2021, it will make Anfield Road England's third-largest football stadium, right on the heels of Tottenham's home ground with a capacity of 62,062 spectators, while Manchester United have consolidated on a clear first place in terms of spectator capacity, with 75,653 spectators.

Source: Sports Pro Media

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