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Denne artikel er mere end 12 måneder gammel og kan indeholde gammel/uddateret information. This entry has been published on 11th February 2021 and may be out of date.

We all recognize it! Many in front of the flicker are chosen in doubt about how to actually interpret the use of VAR, what the main lines of this are and when, as a general rule, use should be made of VAR in eg and penalty kick situations. Watch former English football pro Alan Shearer forklift rules simply in the video below.

Alan Shearer, former English national team captain, guides us here in through the VAR protocol for a penalty kick. Video:

And when should VAR be used in the heat of battle? We will – with the the help of the – try to give an answer. The rules may vary slightly from league to league, but on an overall level, the referees relate to the following points for when to make the now famous VAR sign before taking and trip out to the match monitor. It is always the referee on the court who makes the final decision.

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  • A clear and obvious error by the on-field match officials relating to goalkeeper movement
  • A double touch by the penalty-taker i.e. if the kicker glides and hits the ball double or more, after which it strikes in goal.
  • Feigning at the point of the kick by the taker
  • Behavior from players, which will then have a direct influence on the result of spark.

No more cheating from the goalkeeper

There are quite zealous rules for VAR by a penalty. For example, there's not much tolerance left in the 20/21 protocol when the goalkeeper is allowed to cheat to an extra advantage, by 'going ahead of time'. Hers will VAR always advise to sparkle taken over, provided the goalkeeper saves this.

If the goalkeeper is away from the goal line, ie 'goes ahead of time', but the ball hits the post or goes fails outside the goal, the penalty kick will not be retaken - unless the goalkeeper has a significant influence on the burned penalty kick. So always a referee's judgment in the end.

No more other players in the field before penalty has been taken

It's always nice to find out more about what's really going on in our dear judges' minds, so we hope that this little review makes it easier to understand - or be well dressed, the next time you do not quite understand what they are. now has a walk downstairs in the VAR room. 

It is always nice to learn more about what is really going on in the heads of our dear judges, so we hope that this little review makes it easier to understand - or to be well dressed, the next time you don't quite understand what they now things are going down in the VAR room.


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