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Denne artikel er mere end 12 måneder gammel og kan indeholde gammel/uddateret information. This entry has been published on 13th June 2021 and may be out of date.

At we deal with the topics that make football players perform even better or make the experience the best for you as a spectator. But when such a landmark experience as the dramatic collapse of Christian Eriksen occurs, we will all have to stop for a moment in the name of contemplation. All as one, felt a despairing powerlessness when time stalled with Eriksen lying on the danish national stadium Parken's turf during the EURO2020 match between Denmark and Finland. And this despite all sorts of technological advances in recent decades.

To put the incident in perspective within the area of 's, it can be stated that even the most modern and high-tech machines and measuring devices did not capture Eriksen's health problems and collapse before the dramatic cardiac arrest.

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We should in no way boast of health professional knowledge here at the editorial office, but in the spirit of reflection we can hope that even more focus will be placed on capturing, preventing - and thus avoiding - such tragic events. In this case, it fortunately ended with a happy ending with the help of resourceful teammates, the medical team from Denmark and - in the name of justice for the technological advances - a defibrillator who with a single jolt, brought the Danish football star back to life.

euro2020 christian eriksen collapse medical chief Morten Boesen
The Danish national team doctor Morten Boesen was central in the revival of the Danish national team star Christian Eriksen. Photo: Anders Kjærbye/DBU

We all know that in recent years, incidents like this - with cardiac arrest or something like that - have not always ended well. In the future, technology has a role to play here and hopefully this can be an even better partner when medical check-ups have to be carried out and top players' health has to be tested on an ongoing basis. 

Former club doctors for Eriksen, have already been on the field with comments that nothing critical was found in the Dane's previous medical check, which naturally emphasizes that all efforts and focus must be put on, to make these even sharper and use all available technology in top athletes. medical check-ups going forward. Knowledge sharing and 'out-of-the-box' thinking can be the key to this.

It requires both focus, courage and a standardization - if this does not already exist in some form - on the part of UEFA and FIFA for the use of the top clubs.

We wish Christian Eriksen and his family all the best and a good recovery.

Mark Hildebrandt, editor at

Kasper Hjulmand, national coach of Denmark, was like the rest of the football world, shaken by Christian Eriksen's collapse, but was able to shrug his shoulders the next day. The team had in fact conducted a conversation via video link to Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen with the diseased national team player, which had made the smile back in the squad. Photo: Anders Kjærbye / DBU
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