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Denne artikel er mere end 12 måneder gammel og kan indeholde gammel/uddateret information. This entry has been published on 16th June 2021 and may be out of date.

We do not know about the foregoing deep beneath the earth's surface, but if the narrative were to have an extra twist, it would pass perfectly fine. The story is about the so-called VAR room - or rather they. There are two of these.

What we have been used to so far is in the VAR room located in connection with the TV production carriage at the stadium, but this does not apply under EURO2020. Her VAR is located in UEFA's headquarters, more precisely in Swiss Nyon.

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A large-scale setup for what the VAR chief - or more precisely the UEFA referee committee chairman - Roberto Rosetti calls 'the world's best VAR'.

On a typical VAR team, we have a Chief Video Judge (VAR), and Assistant VAR (AVAR) as well as an Assistant VAR with responsibility for possible offside incidents. The main video referee, who is naturally the leader of the VAR team, will then have contacted the referee on the court, while AVAR will follow other important events on the court. An additional 3 operators will assist the VAR team and as the raisin in the sausage end also a VAR support assistant. In other words, a VAR team consists of 7 people. There was a rumor with VAR at UEFA during EURO2020.

One of the workstations where a VAR team makes sure to make the football matches at EURO2020 as fair as possible. Photo: UEFA

Her some impact fields, which VAR during EURO2020, will strike down - and have a sharp focus - on.

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct
  • Push and hold opponent in the penalty area
  • 'Acting' fouls
  • Dangerous and wild game that endangers the mobility of the players
  • Complaints over and mobbing of referees

In addition, offside and hand-on-the-ball situations, as previously mentioned , also be a focus area.

Roberto Rosetti. Foto: UEFA

And UEFA's referee committee has not just sat in their ivory tower and laid out new laws and regulations. In fact, there has been a dialogue with all the participating team players and coaches prior to the tournament: - It is necessary for us to work with the teams, to create and better common understanding, Rossetti says on UEFA's own website, considering that the teams get the best possible basis for understanding how referee teams and their VAR peers will act on the basis of the new interpretations for EURO2020. - We are convinced that the VAR system will be of great benefit to EURO2020, concludes UEFA Referee Roberto Rossetti.


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