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Denne artikel er mere end 12 måneder gammel og kan indeholde gammel/uddateret information. This entry has been published on 1st July 2021 and may be out of date.

It is very possible - and not at all unthinkable - that the Danish wonderboys will go all the way to the legendary Wembley Stadium – but no matter how it goes with the red-and-white boys, Denmark is actually guaranteed a place in the European Championship final. 

The Danish company DLF is responsible for the delicious lawn when the final match for the European Championship trophy is to be played on 11 July. And it is not the only match that the Danish seed company has been present in when the two final lines are to be set after EURO2020. 

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Danish turf in more than 50% of EURO2020 matches

In 31 of the 51 matches in total, the surface has consisted of Danish grass specially selected for the - for the grass - so demanding sport with the small round. The Danish grass is based on the big stadiums in cities like Copenhagen, Sct. Petersburg, Baku, Budapest, Amsterdam and London, it sounds from DLF.

– We are happy that DLF again has a significant imprint at the European Championships, and we look forward to looking at beautiful courses with Danish grass throughout the tournament until the final at Wembley, says Søren Halbye, who is responsible for the seed and grass company's business in Europe.

It is the so-called Masterline Superliga, which contains 6 different varieties of the common ryegrass, which is known to perform high on both appearance, stress tolerance and not least durability.

Delicious TV fields

The experienced Grounds Manager at the danish national stadium Parken, Daniel Madsen, has since May, when a new hybrid grass was laid at the stadium, made the football field ready to perfection before the four EURO2020 matches in Copenhagen had to be completed: - The course must perform at its best and provide the optimal basis for the game. This means that it must be even, dense and full of grass, so that the ball rolls perfectly - and the players get a good experience. Therefore, the football field is sown with new seed several times during the season, so there is a seed bank in the ground that can continuously deliver new plants, says the head of the lawn in the Park, who also explains the importance of the visual: - It's important that the football field has a perfect green color so that it visually looks good in front of spectators, fans and TV viewers.

Watch how Parken's Grounds Manager Daniel Larsen with his colleagues, cares for and looks after the football field and the turf, up to the EURO2020 in Copenhagen. Video (in danish): DLF

Innovative new seeds from the Danish company

As a newly developed seed, the 4turf varieties play an extra large role. DLF has developed the variety from its plant breeding and is an important ingredient for rolling grass and re-sowing of football pitches around the world. The newly developed variety is characterized, among other things, by a great ability to withstand drought and the grass that grows from these is fine-leafed and shoot-dense.

Everything is in place for momentum

In other words, everything is in place for Denmark to perform optimally if the team goes all the way to the European Championship final and Wembley, where the grass can thus constitute another '12 -man' in addition to the visiting Danish 'roligans'. Grass-a-la-vista, hey-hey!

Source: DLF,

Info about DLF
DLF, which employs 2,000 people in more than 20 countries, is the world's largest producer of seeds for fodder and lawns, which among other things makes Denmark the world's largest grass-exporting country. to more than 100 countries.

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