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First UEFA, then FIFA.

With the scandal-ridden World Cup in Qatar, it is easy to forget what happened just a year and a half ago, with Denmark's national team star, Christian Eriksen's heart collapse in Parken against Finland during EURO22. 

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Like another 'Stolen Spring'

Here, UEFA stood for its very own collapse, where they disregarded any kind of responsiveness in connection with a postponement of the match and were close to their very own cardiac arrest.

Just as we see FIFA is making a regular copy cat on.

With an unprecedented form of, yes, almost dictatorial pointer, which was Gianni Infantino a resurrected lecturer Blomme in Hans Scherfig's 'Stolen Spring'. Of course understood only in a figurative sense and seen in relation to Infantino's position as president of FIFA. But with these caveats, the comparison can certainly be drawn. With a 'safe hand' Infantino directs a FIFA directly towards the value abyss, where everyone until now has just stood and watched. Standing and watching a regular 'traffic accident' in slow motion one is tempted to say.

Denmark, Germany reacts strongly

Nu er Danmark, med DBU-formand Jesper Møllers alt, alt for sene udmelding, blandt de kun fire lande ud af mere end 200 medlemslande, der åbent har meldt ud, at man ikke støtter den efterhånden enevældige FIFA-formand. Bedre sent end aldrig, hedder et gammel ordsprog, men kønt har det dælme ikke været. 

With the announcement, Møller has taken the pressure off our Danish players and not least head coach Hjulmand, who honorably, as the great leader he is, has stood firm and burst with the values ​​that have always characterized the Danish people. The best cure is now to go out and win the whole shit. It could be a statement of dimensions that anyone at the top of FIFA would hate from here to eternity.

Colossal amounts of money at stake

Jo, der er kolossale pengemængder på spil og penge styrer som bekendt hele cirkusset i denne verden, dog lige indtil man får folkedomstolen i mod sig. Man kan man rette spørge sig selv, Hva? i alverden foregår der?

It's easy to fall into simple conspiracy theories, which no one except the few who sit with Infatino's fine dinners around at various fashionable restaurants? or where such strategy meetings take place. Is he making FIFA 'ready' for another round of football in one of the wealthy oil states? Why is it just now so absolutely important for Infatino to radiate power to ban the much talked about 'One Love' captain armband at the same time that the FIFA boss is flanked by the controversial people. No one mentioned - no one forgotten. The reader is allowed to think that story further, but a obvious thought hits one easily.

Breaking out of FIFA?

President Infatino's reputation were as good as clean when he occupied the powerful top post in the international football federation. Hope was bright green. After Swiss Sepp Blatter and Frenchman Michel Platini's somewhat bleak management of FIFA, pure values ​​should once again be at the fore in the world's largest sports federation.

Is it allowed to say that one have been badly disappointed? Yes.

There is no way around the fact that a showdown with the boss of it all, Gianni Infatino, is inevitable. In one way or another. It could both be a new one? or maybe rediscovered? edition of Infantino. An extreme consequence could be that the western part of the football associations revives an idea that perhaps no one has really talked about until now: Breaking away from FIFA.

The ugly trend

And what is the ugly trend that this comment is trying to substantiate the narrative about? 

Yes, it's an ugly one – or perhaps rather grim – trend, where large football associations, such as FIFA and UEFA, who otherwise claim to be apolitical, are themselves trying to do exactly the opposite. A trend where you disregard any kind of common sense. In any case, as we in Western countries understand that kind of reason as. 

It is gratifying that both current and former politicians have spoken up and now also the core of the whole shop, the national football associations, have left the golden banknotes that FIFA waves right in front of the noses of DBU among others, but is it farting? like the air in a fart pad? Sure, a fart pillow is still fun for some, but it's long gone. 

Freedom of speech indirectly gagged

Let's hope the pressure from the few countries does not end there, but remains a continuous pressure against the ugly trend where freedom of expression is indirectly stifled and values ​​have become a kidnapped victim. Because it's always easy enough for the rest of us to stand with the megaphone in the stands. 

Now the support must stand the test, so that FIFA does not end up as a version of the story of the Stockholm syndrome. Here, the kidnapped – in this case the world's football association – ends up falling so much in love with their own abductor (read: FIFA) that you forget what the starting point was: namely, a kidnapping. A kidnapping of the very values is at stake. Football unites. Let that tale live on. 

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