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Denne artikel er mere end 12 måneder gammel og kan indeholde gammel/uddateret information. This entry has been published on 23rd June 2021 and may be out of date.

The big story in CSR policy during EURO2020 was without a doubt the ongoing debate about Munich's football stadium, may be allowed to illuminate its arena before tonight's match against Hungary in the colors of the rainbow. A symbol of diversity and, above all, an iconic symbol of LGBTQ rights over time. The term CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility and covers a company, organizations - or perhaps more in this case a country's commitment to operate up to date in accordance with public expectations.

allianz-arena-Allianz Arena münchen munich LGBTQ
The German big club FC Bayern Munich's home ground, Allianz Arena is during EURO2020 the center of a heated big political discussion with Hungary about LGBTQ rights. The German club is known for going into the breach of LGBTQ rights. Here, the arena is illuminated in connection with Christopher Streets Day, which is a celebration in the LGBTQ community. Photo: FC Bayern Munich

The arena remained in neutral colors, but the rest of Germany was dressed in the colors of the rainbow on the day of the Hungarian struggle, in response to Hungary's controversial austerity measures in the LGBTQ area. And so started a completely different fight – off the field.

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Watch Allianz Arena live on webcam

You can always experience Munich's unique football arena illuminated when a match is being played and darkness has otherwise fallen. You can do this on Allianz Arena's own webcam, which broadcasts live from the outside 24/7 with updates of the image stream every ten seconds.

allianz-arena-Allianz Arena münchen munich
Allianz Arena, nicely lit here. Photo: Herr Bonn /

Technical marvel

But so technically - how can they then be able to illuminate such a large stadium. Yes, as much as 26,000 square meters must be illuminated and it handles the very special solution from Philips. More precisely, 300,000 LEDs are used, which can reproduce as many as 16 million shades. And the length, yes, it does make up the neat sum of a whole 7.5 kilometers of 'light chain', if you can call the installation that - and you can. The unique stadium lighting was built in 2016.

LED Philips Allianz Arena
This is how the LED technology for the Allianz Arena from Philips looks like. Photo: Philips.

- With this installation we have shown that we can deliver more than just a light source for a facade, but also emotions. Football is emotion and emotion is light, says Roger Karner from Philips in Germany. - The two things fit together perfectly, concludes the proud 'lighting master' from Philips.

In these ESG environmental times, it is also justified to look at the consumption of such a light explosion and here the parts have actually also been at the forefront. The LED luminaires are of such a technology that, compared to previously comparable systems, it saves more than 60 % electricity, which in bright hours saves approximately 362 tonnes of CO2 per year. The LEDs have an approximate lifespan of 80,000 hours, so there is still room for a number of football matches before the stadium inspector has to replace bulbs ...

Controlled in the cloud

The frequency of the LED light is updated 40 times per second, which makes any change in the light feel completely fluid. The lights can operate all the way down to minus 50 degrees, but it is probably fairly irrelevant to mention now that the thermometer is approaching the 25 plus degrees... Everything is controlled in the cloud through the Philips ActiveSite platform in collaboration with the American company Signify. See more photos of the illuminated stadium here / alliance arena

Watch the unique video below about how the whole installation went.

Allianz Arena in Munich. Video: Signify

Edited 30/6-2021 during EURO 2020 to make the article more consistent and updated.

Sources:, and Signify

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