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Knap har vi forladt sidste års verdensmesterskab for herrer, før vi (næsten) er igang igen. Denne gang, handler det om kvindernes VM, som afholdes i henholdsvis Australien og New Zealand. Forøvrigt det første VM for kvinder, der deles mellem to værtsnationer. Bolden er døbt ?OCEAUNZ? med værtslandenes initialer smart integreret i kampboldens navn. VIDEO: Se den officielle kampbold blive leveret...
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Are you out of ideas for working with your football team? Then you may find help on FIFA's site about technique and tactics, about the more in-depth part within the world of football. A wealth of inspirational content is gathered on FIFA's dedicated page for training-related cases. Topics trickle out from the digital walls, with lots of valuable knowledge for you as a football fan? and not least as an actor in the golden football game!
In a new documentary, we follow the ups and downs through 6 episodes of the football documentary EQUALS. The quote comes from one of the many top players who appear in UEFA's television venture, which follows a number of national teams during important national team matches as well as privately. You will join the garden of proud parents and literally get a close-up of the dramatic stories, which the trailer already promises.
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A vast universe with everything from highlights to articles on every imaginable scenario for any team that had to either advance or get a loving kick behind and out of the World Cup tournament.
When the matches during the World Cup in Qatar take place, it will be with several innovations on the wallpaper. One of these is nothing less than a high-tech football. The WC22's official match ball, Al Rihla Pro, which is equipped with contains the so-called 'connected ball technology'.
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