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Denne artikel er mere end 12 måneder gammel og kan indeholde gammel/uddateret information. This entry has been published on 14th July 2020 and may be out of date.

With the VAR's (Video Assistant Referee) successful entry on the big football scene, FIFA has now started the work of creating an even more agile setup within video referee assistance system - and thus greater justice on the football field.

FIFA states that there are three high-priority areas when talking about the development of VAR going forward. One point will delight not least frustrated fans in the stands and the club doctor, who time and time again have to watch a coach slap his thighs and roll his eyes in pure desperation when a questionable offside is judged - or not judged. Namely a semi-automatic offside system.

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More fair offside rulings

With increased opportunities for, among other things, automated TV production and tracking of players' body parts, these can be essential areas in the efforts to develop a fairer offside handling.

Artificial intelligence is going to play a key role in that work.

better communication to fans - including live VAR updates for mobile

Another area that FIFA has set up a group of experts to develop is better communication for fans - including live VAR updates for mobile - as well as developing a ‘VAR light’. This also includes a semi-automatic handling of ‘replays’ which currently requires more operators in a match situation.

Several tests completed successfully

Several tests have already been carried out, including at the Club World Cup in Qatar in 2019. Most recently, just before the corona virus shut down most of the football world with a bang, a major test has also been carried out on campus for the Dutch Football Association. KNVB, as they are named, together with 13 other football federations from all over the world, are part of the so-called ‘working group for innovation excellence’ at FIFA. closely follows developments in VAR. Watch video below about the new exciting areas of development that FIFA is focusing on in their ‘Road Map to 2022/23’.

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