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Denne artikel er mere end 12 måneder gammel og kan indeholde gammel/uddateret information. This entry has been published on 14th July 2021 and may be out of date.

But probably in a slightly different way than you thought. 

UEFA EURO 2020 green screen shot DOllerup, Denmark
Kasper 'Dollern' Dollerup is also described in the video that was recorded during the hectic European Championship days. Photo:

Though the successful Danish national coach reveals hidden anecdotes - for the general public - when he goes through part of his national team squad - but via pictures, from the players' childhood. Hjulmand got a full jackpot. It's clear that Kasper Hjulmand in details knows many of his players from his time as - just as successful - FC Nordsjælland (North Zeeland, ed.) coach.

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A special relationship to ‘AC’

During the European Championships, EURO2020, the Danish 'Football dreamer' – with what title a book about Hjulmand has been published – was taken through a series of photos of the Danish players before they became seriously known to the Danish public. Even though the national coach recognized everyone as one, with accompanying anecdotes about his national team boys. Among other things, about the new star, Jyllinge boy Mikkel Damsgaard, and Chelsea and CL winner, Andreas Christensen. Hjulmand has a very special relationship with the latter, as he was in the family's living room several times during 'AC's teenage years.

Hear and watch why in the video and experience what stories the national team manager could tell about these two players and a handful of others from the newly-explosive Danish national team. You can sign up on to watch more videos from the European Football Union's own TV channel. Watch the video here:

And should you be curious about Hjulmand and learn about his visions Hjulmand, you can read it here, through the 'ereolen', completely free. The book is in danish.

Denmark star Mikkel Damsgaard efter his goal for Denmark against Russia.
Mikkel Damsgaard is one of Hjulmand's 'inventions'. During his time at FC Nordsjælland, the national coach picked up the football talent from the club in the small village Jyllinge – and now he can be found on the Danish national team with great success. Here, Damsgaard celebrates after the goal to 0-1 in the match against Russia during EURO2020. Photo: Anders Kjærbye /


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