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Real Madrid has long been an icon for both Spanish and international football fans. Founded in 1902, the club has a proud history, marked by triumphs and legendary moments. Expectations for the future development of the club's home ground, which has been under renovation for several years, have been high. This has also meant that the city's football team has had to relocate their home ground to rivals Atletico Madrid. Even though they are rivals on the pitch, they can lend a helping hand when needed. Impressive!

Take a Selfie with Friends and Trophies

The stadium was inaugurated at the beginning of the 23/24 season against Getafe and has therefore now been around for about six months. According to Real Madrid, the new stadium, IPIC Bernabeu, stands as a monument to the legacy of the past and the ambitions of the future. The club's president, Florentino Pérez, recently revealed the spectacular transformation of the club's legendary stadium. IPIC Bernabeu will not only be a venue for football matches but an attraction in itself – a place where sport meets innovation and elegance. It is even possible to book various types of tours of the new stadium, where you can even take pictures of yourself and your friends flanked by the large trophies won by the royal club over the years.

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The Making of IPIC Bernabeu

The renovation of the Bernabeu Stadium was initiated to modernize and improve the club's facilities, which is expected to take the experience of watching football to an entirely new level. The updated stadium is an impressive sight, blending modern technology with traditional elegance in a spectacular way. The renovation has cost around 800 million euros and has been in progress for several years. Now, IPIC Bernabeu, which can cover the entire pitch in just 15 minutes, is finally ready to open its doors to both fans and curious visitors.

Luxurious Comfort for VIPs

IPIC is a tribute to the legacy of the past and a platform for future innovation. The new arena combines advanced technology with comfort and security, creating the optimal experience for both fans and players. The stadium will feature advanced facilities, including VIP areas, restaurants, shops, and even a hotel. Everything is designed, in the club's own words, to create an unforgettable experience for everyone who visits IPIC Bernabeu.

Technology and Innovation

IPIC Bernabeu is more than just a stadium; it is a showcase of technological innovation. With the introduction of advanced LED screens and a 360-degree surround sound system, fans will experience matches in an unprecedented way. IPIC Bernabeu will also be the first stadium in the world to integrate 5G technology, enabling a completely new interactive experience for spectators.

IPIC Bernabeu
IPIC Bernabeu. Photo: Youtube-channel of Real Madrid

Going Green in Madrid

Real Madrid has placed great emphasis on sustainability in the creation of IPIC Bernabeu. From recyclable materials to advanced waste management programs, IPIC Bernabeu is a step forward towards a more sustainable football environment. With a multi-function zone that can accommodate any event, IPIC Bernabeu will be the venue for a wide range of cultural and sports events.

Capacity for Over 80,000 Spectators

The renewal of the iconic stadium is called by the club itself a milestone in Real Madrid's history and a new era for the football world as a whole. With advanced technology, sustainability in focus, and a capacity for over 80,000 spectators, IPIC Bernabeu will become an iconic symbol of Madrid's skyline and one of the most impressive stadiums in the world, as stated on the club's website, which has dedicated an entire section of the site to the new stadium. For more information, visit: Real Madrid Bernabeu Stadium

Source: Real Madrid's website,

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