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IPIC Bernabeu
Real Madrid har længe været et ikon for både spanske og internationale fodboldfans. Klubben, der er grundlagt i 1902, har en stolt historie, præget af triumfer og legendariske øjeblikke. Forventningerne til den fremtidige udvikling af klubbens hjemmebane – der har været under renovering i en årrække – har derfor været store. Ikke mindst, har det også betydet, at byens...
Dramatiske afgørelser har blandt andet sendt forhåndsfavoritterne fra USA ud af sommerens VM i kvindefodbold. Ingen tvivl om at den nymodens teknologi, som de senere år er blevet implementeret i topfodbold har skabt debat. Nu hvor børnesygdommene så småt er ved at blive sorteret væk fra VAR-rummet, kan det ikke diskuteres, at VAR har gjort fodbold til et mere retfærdigt...
Official ball world cup FIFA women New Zealand Australia 2023
Hardly have we left last year's men's World Cup before we are back at it again. Now it's time for the Women's World Cup, which will be held in Australia and New Zealand in the summer of 2023. Interestingly, it will be the first Women's World Cup shared between two host nations. The ball is named 'OCEAUNZ,' with the initials of the host countries cleverly integrated into the match ball's name.
FIFA Insigt
Are you out of ideas for working with your football team? Then you may find help on FIFA's site about technique and tactics, about the more in-depth part within the world of football. A wealth of inspirational content is gathered on FIFA's dedicated page for training-related cases. Topics trickle out from the digital walls, with lots of valuable knowledge for you as a football fan? and not least as an actor in the golden football game!
In a new documentary, we follow the ups and downs through 6 episodes of the football documentary EQUALS. The quote comes from one of the many top players who appear in UEFA's television venture, which follows a number of national teams during important national team matches as well as privately. You will join the garden of proud parents and literally get a close-up of the dramatic stories, which the trailer already promises.
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