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Denne artikel er mere end 12 måneder gammel og kan indeholde gammel/uddateret information. This entry has been published on 17th August 2021 and may be out of date.

With a Veo Cam 2, coaches will now be able to analyze the match along the way and the players can watch the highlights immediately after the match is over - or at half time to correct some vital formations and eventually maybe pull a victory ashore.

Nicely presented, the new generation of Veo's camera and platform was showcased by a number of key Veo employees via Facebook and Youtube. - Our mission is to make sports technology accessible to everyone, CEO and co-founder Henrik Teisbæk could tell and proudly present a brand new camera with, among other things, live streaming function. 

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Pioneering camera system

Veo has 'worked' with more than 250,000 coaches and players and recorded half a million matches - probably of declining quality in terms of gameplay, as Veo is a camera that caters to teams of all levels who either just think it's fun to record the teams matches, or - also - want to improve their knowledge on the field. Veo has made this possible through its groundbreaking camera system and analysis setup. 

Veo is now present in over 80 countries.

Veo CEO Henrik Teisbæk.
CEO Henrik Teisbæk. Photo: Veo

It's about three years since Veo launched its first camera, which made it possible for most people to analyze on their team using not just video, but also an associated analysis setup, which was based on AI, artificial intelligence. This has now been further developed into what the company itself calls the world's best. Even many of the biggest clubs in the world use Veo, but it is in the grassroots that Veo’s true love is attached. 

- Even my own team, which is located in one of the lowest leagues in Denmark, uses Veo, revealed Henrik Teisbæk.

Collaborates with the chip mastodon Nvidia

The actual streaming in the new camera takes place through the built-in 4G modem with several antennas in the 'camera skeleton', which should be enough to send the images up in the 'cloud' in sufficient quality - well to label with a proper coverage. It will of course depend on place to place. But to get around the connection challenge, the whole analysis process now takes place in the camera itself. This can be done with the help of a collaboration between Veo and the chip processor manufacturer Nvidia, which is known for - most of all - powerful graphics cards. Here, according to the presentation, Nvidia has developed the world's - currently - most powerful AI processor. Or AI supercomputer, as Veo puts it.

The production of the cameras takes place in the Danish capital Copenhagen, which is to ensure that every camera that is shipped away is of the highest quality, assures the successful Danish sports tech company.

Several camera improvements

The design is solved in a way that the camera can handle all kinds of weather. Even the lens is prepared for rain showers with the newly developed ‘hydrophobic’ lens cover that shuns the water the moment the drops hit the glass. Whether the camera can withstand cloudbursts is not known, but we wonder if the match has not already been suspended before that heavy shower. However, the Veo Cam 2 has a so-called IP45 rating, which guarantees that the camera can run in all types of rain. An efficient cooling system is also built in, which ensures that the heat that the camera's powerful processors emit can be sent out of the camera without any problems.

Veo Cam 2
The water-repellent lens protection. Photo: Veo

As a major improvement, specially designed microphones are also new in the Veo Cam 2. In addition, the camera records the entire range using two 4K processors. Compared to it's predecessor, the cameras' pixel density has been improved, which should provide you with an even sharper image on the Veo Cam 2. The tripod rises up to 7.5 meters or 25 feet, as it is called in the US. The battery can, fully charged, record four hours of combat under optimal conditions.

New apps on the way

To tie it all together, two apps is in pipeline – for apple devices as well as android ditto. One app to control the production, where you can even add graphics and scoreboard to – and one to download the stream. Basically simple – and brilliant! For more information on these apps, contact Veo or check out .

All in all, a huge improvement from the first camera generation and a really exciting news for anyone who is interested in both raising the understanding of - and for - their team to a higher level - and giving fans the opportunity to follow their favorite team on distance. It is possible to chromecast the livestream with the latest version of this (version three). It is also possible to send the stream up to your TV via airplay, which therefore requires either an Apple TV or a receiving screen that can capture this.

AI controlled editor

Finally, we may not forget to tell about the so-called Veo Editor, which is an AI controlled editing program that can completely automatically make a summary of the just finished game. It gives also the ability to track specific players as well as make is comprehensive statistical summary of the match. This upgrade is one to be proud of from Veo's side.

And for the clubs out there, you now have the opportunity to both lift your team to an even better understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses and give their fans - whether it only counts grandfather and grandmother - the opportunity to follow the favorite team or grandson - wherever they play. 

New scouting aspects open up

In terms of scouting, does it open up prospects for even better opportunities – without necessarily having to be present for the match on Sunday morning. And not least the opportunity to not necessarily make themselves known, which in the football world can also have its clear benefits. The prices are 875€ for the new camera version, while the first generation camera now costs around 675€. In addition, you must add a certain monthly amount in order to be able to use the live streaming option and the analysis part, respectively. The new camera can be pre-ordered and is expected to be ready for delivery in November. See and read more at

Watch the half hour long ‘launch’ from Hafnia-Halen in Valby below.


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