The pattern in the new national team jersey has its very own history. It 'contains' the sound from thousands of Danish football fans.

With the sound of more than 38 000 spectators singing the national anthem in Copenhagens national stadium 'Parken' one of the components in the new jersey was born. Video:

Earlier this week, DBU and Hummel unveiled the Danish national team's new jersey. A jersey that will help to provide the Danish national team with new triumphs on behalf of the Danish football fans. The video below shows how the jersey was 'born’ with the unique sound pattern from the Danish national anthem.


One of the profiles at the national team, Christian Eriksen (Inter Milan) describes the feeling when the national anthem is singed before each match. The design in the jersey is designed with sound waves from exactly that song recorded when Denmark played against Ireland in june 2019. On of the last time before the pandemic audience was aloud in that scale to a football match

Football soccer jersey hummel Denmark
The brand new jersey for the danish national team in football is a little different than other regular jerseys. Photo: Hummel/DBU

– It's hard to say what the difference is, but the song gives a completely different feeling than on a club team. It is huge. When you have sung the national anthem and then it all begins, that's what it's all about, the national team profile explains. You can watch more in the link below in the video that Hummel has launched unveiling of the new jersey.

Watch more about the new jersey at this page , take a peek at the gallery below and listen to the national anthem from the day of the match, which was the basis of the pattern in the new jersey.

  • Jersey Hummel Denmark 2021 sound waves
  • Jersey Hummel Denmark 2021 sound waves
  • Jersey Hummel Denmark 2021 sound waves
  • Jersey Hummel Denmark 2021 sound waves

Photo: Anders Kjærbye/, Hummel.

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