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Denne artikel er mere end 12 måneder gammel og kan indeholde gammel/uddateret information. This entry has been published on 12th September 2020 and may be out of date.

We have compiled a number of face masks at the bottom of this article, which both protect people around you and to a certain level, your self included. It also on a general basis increase the comfort of you as an athlete when it makes sense to wear a face mask. And it make sense, unfortunately, for quite a while. Of course, it has to be mentioned above all; safety first. Although it's probably desirable for most people to look like anything other than a nurse or the chief physician from an operating room when they move out into the public eye, safety must be taken seriously during this time. 

The task: Develop a cool face mask

Designers and developers put on the task

The biggest sports brands know this, of course, and therefore it is not remarkable in a free market that most of these, including Adidas, Nike and Puma, have put their designers and developers on the task: Develop a cool face mask that both increases safety, gives the best possible breathability and looks nice, discreet and fashionable. However, the good sides of capitalism are also shown by the fact that several sports manufacturers donate masks and visors. For example, Nike developed earlier this year a visor, which should support the safety of healthcare professionals in the event of the pandemic, while Under Armour back in March, put together a team to create protective equipment, to protect against Covid-19.

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Developers and employees of Under Armour, worked side by side - at a good distance - as they in the early spring 2020 made an effort to create products in the fight against Covid-19. Photo: Under Armour.

The good spirit

Puma is also throwing support into the fight against Covid-19's wreck around the world, and is contributing a good deal to the UN Solidarity Fund, in fact as much as 100,000 euros, while Nike has contributed well over a million US dollars. Adidas, for its part, donates about 2 $ for each package sold to the Children's Global Coronavirus Response Fund. And this is just a selection of the good spirit among sports producers. So despite the corona crisis; nothing is so bad that it is not good for anything.

This innovative coating should then inhibit bacterial growth and thus keep the face mask fresh until it is washed

Developed high-tech face mask

In the field of technology, one manufacturer in particular has stood out, namely Under Armour. The American sports brand, which is actually no older than from 1996, has thrown its most talented people on the task and developed a three-layer mouthpiece, exactly as most experts recommend. However, it must be said that cloth bandages cannot be sold as typical protective equipment, as they do not basically protect against viruses and filter it out, in the same way as the CE marked, disposable blue face masks. 

High-tech coated layer

Nevertheless, we also heard time and time again that a fabric mask is better than no mask and when we take UA's mask under the microscope, the company says that they UA Sportsmask in addition to the three layers also treated one of these, namely the one closest to the mouth, with PROTX2. This innovative coating should then inhibit bacterial growth and thus keep the face mask fresh until you get it washed after the day of activity (of course at a minimum of 60 degrees Celsius, as it is around this point that bacteries are killed, ed.).

Prevents droplet spreading

Common to the sanitary napkins is that they inhibit the spread of drops, which is one of the most crusial ways for viruses to infect from human to human. If you want to be completely on the safe side, you must assess the CE marked masks or even another layer above; medically approved.

Find the face masks for exercise at these online shops

As mentioned, a number of the major sports brands have thrown themselves into the fight, to develop face masks for the exercise of sports. Adidas sells three-packs and the masks are made in a discreet and beautiful design, which increase your safety in a comfortable way. The cheapest variants from the well-known sports brands cost around 5 € pr. mask for Puma's two-pack and Reebok's and Adidas' ditto package of three. And then the above mentioned mask from Under Armor , which should therefore be one of the most high-tech on the market within this segment. Nike has not yet come on the scene with a definite mouth bandage, but a few years ago Nike launched its 'neck brace', which on a good day may well fall into the category of 'fabric face masks'. A variant can be found in the danish sports shop Sportsmaster .

Be aware of buying from the official webshops or well-known sports shops when shopping face masks, as copy goods appear online and will not be very appropriate. You risk, so to speak, 'burning the teddy bears' with a cheap copy of poor quality - to put it mildly. If face masks are sold out on the respective websites, please contact the manufacturers, who may have webshops directly to redirect you to. Good health and good training for everyone!


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