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Denne artikel er mere end 12 måneder gammel og kan indeholde gammel/uddateret information. This entry has been published on 12th October 2020 and may be out of date.

PUMA, mouthpiece, 2 pcs. 10 € excl. P&P. Can be purchased at PUMA's webshop.

With training in mind, but also underlying elements, such as shopping trip and general use in eg public transport, took PUMA's mask under the magnifying glass. We have previously collected en series of face masks in this article . See the overall rating on the PUMA mask at the bottom of the article.

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Functionality based on purpose / description

A three-layer face mask is recommended by health authorities, but are not considered as a protective equipment. PUMA's version has three layers and is made by different combinations of the materials cotton, polyester and elastane. At the running trips when the mouthpiece was used, the air flow was not as easy as, for example, the CE-marked paper face masks. But who wants to run with that kind of face mask we just ask? On the other hand - if you otherwise remember to wash them after every day - they provide a certain form of protection and thus live up to the product description.

Fit / comfort

The mouthpiece can be adjusted with the two straps, which are made of polyester and elastane to a degree, so you have to assume that they are well long-lasting. With the combination of the two fabric types, the straps also form a durable type of elastic, which you can adapt so that they fit quite well.


As mentioned, the breathability after 30 minutes of running is a little bit tougher than with eg disposable bandages, but acceptable and can rightly function as an extra resistance, which can make the training even more effective. 

Appearance / design

The design of these face masks is super nice. If there is one thing to criticize, it is that you can not choose the pressure on the bandages that come in packs of two, but different types of pressure. One in a more discreet form than the other, but quite fine both. The advantage of different prints is that it is easier to tell the difference between whether one was what was used yesterday (and thus does not have to be reused).

Value for money

Here, top marks are simply scored for the simple reason that several essential points can be ticked. First of all, the price of 10 € for two pieces, in Puma's own webshop, is a fantastic price. Next, the design is quite sleek and the fabric is super comfortable.


Overall, a really nice attempt on the part of PUMA to bring a more discreet face mask to the world than these blue-surgical versions that we all know. As previously mentioned, the design is top notch. The customization options are fine, while the price is incomparable. 40, - per face mask is simply a scoop in that quality. Definitely recommended, despite the more cluttered resistance when it comes to airflow.


  • The straps may well flutter slightly out from the ears. Here you can simply take the strap and place it behind the ear and under the strap, which goes around the ear. This will save the excess part of the strap.
  • We will probably have to deal with the corona for a while yet, so invest in an electric jug which can change the temperature so it can heat up to i.e. 80 degrees celsius. One point - if we take the heat loss in mind which necessarily comes when pouring the water into the sink - is high enough to destroy all bacteria and viruses. After use, daily, the masks could be placed in a clean washbasin, where you mix water and washing powder well. Warning: Be aware of the heat! Use a large spoon or similar to get the hot water well around the masks. After a few minutes, the face masks are ready to be rinsed and you can add a little rinsing agent in the last round of rinsing.

How we tested the face mask

Over several days and training, we tested the product in the gym, when shopping and generally in areas where people move close.

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