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Denne artikel er mere end 12 måneder gammel og kan indeholde gammel/uddateret information. This entry has been published on 23rd December 2020 and may be out of date.

Thanks for being there – online with us @ on our newly started journey.

We just got started. 2021 is on the egde and a new year is coming. Thanks God! You are more than welcome to pass by now and then in 2021 to get updated within the most interesting news about technology within football!

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Half a year has gone by since we launched the site and the football world is exploding with technology news. It has been a pleasure and we have already got a good amount of dedicated readers at!

In 2021 have an ambition to be even more focused with especially sports equipment and more in-depth features about current cases in the football environment. A year where we will hopefully once again will experience football matches with packed stadiums!

We look forward to 2021 and by the way… I wish you and your nearest and dearest a merry Christmas and a much more positive, corona-free and happier New Year than 2020 was.

Best Christmas and New Year wishes
Mark Hildebrandt
Editor of

Juletræ og pynt
Julen er over os! Foto: Denisse Leon/
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