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Denne artikel er mere end 12 måneder gammel og kan indeholde gammel/uddateret information. This entry has been published on 18th September 2020 and may be out of date.

As usual - one is tempted to say -it's in the US, they are first with the biggest. Yes, in fact, all of this is already a reality when we look at the super-modern sports arena SoFi Stadium in American Los Angeles. And the headline contains a little ‘maybe’. For everything is bigger and more overwhelming positive said in the United States. But maybe we'll also see parts of the very best features and gadgets in a stadium, here in Europe sometime in the near future.

Monster video screen! And we mean literally MONSTER!

In the sunny state of California, the SoFi arena has partnered up with Google. The stadium is home to two Los Angeles-based NFL teams. In the tech-marvel of a stadium, in addition to lightning-fast wifi for you as a spectator, there will also be the largest video screen - and here we are REALLY talking about a monster screen - within the sports world, it is said in a press release about the technical features and specs of the arena. A screen that will cover on its own in an upcoming article with lots of video clips and inside knowledge - specially produced for our dedicated and fantastic readers. Rejoice.

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100,000 spectators in place for the Olympic opening in 2028

The stadium, which has been created – besides for the local community and favorite teams – for i.e. to be able to host the opening as well as the closing ceremony for the Olympics in 2028 and the Super Bowl final in 2022, is the first in the world to also have in-house production forces to produce the entire package in 4K / HDR. There's also room for 70,000 spectators, but can be extended 'on a good day' to as many as 100,000 spectators. At the same time, one finds almost close to a small provincial town, fused with the super arena. For example, you'll find 2,500 apartments hidden in and around the building, a hotel and a wealth of office and shop facilities, which are otherwise shrouded in lots of green, park-like areas. It's the business man and LA Rams owner Stan Kroenke, who in 2015 took his first, quite extensive - some will venture to the word visionary - thoughts into life with a group of partners. Here in September 2020, just over 5 years later, the stadium complex is a reality.

Watch a beautiful drone shot from the top of SoFi Stadium in the evening dawn. Video: SoFi Stadium / L.A. Drones

Personal ‘Butler’ app

But back to that 'thing' about the personal ‘butler’… Actually, that's true, but the ‘butler’ is hiding inside an app powered by Google's cloud and developed by Deloitte. The personal ‘Butler’ app, which as far as it's known has not been given an official name, helps the spectator to find way an get info about the events that take place in the SoFi arena itself. Features such as parking and a real-time map on the area as well as the presentation of personal offers on tickets, food and shopping are among the services found on the personal ‘Butler’ app. Maybe such an app will also find its way to the local stadiums other places i.e. in Europe. Meaning that the stadium sausage can be ready for collection as soon as the referee has whistled for half time...

Presentation of the big stadium in Los Angeles. Will the football experience of the future also be like this in the biggest European stadiums - just in a slightly scaled-down form? Video and photo: PR / SoFi Stadium

Meaning that the beer and burger can be ready for collection as soon as the referee has whistled for half time...

It would at least be a popular function, which may already exist… Time will tell if the European football stadiums will soon follow, with roughly the same functionalities in miniature format, now that, among other things, VAR, has made its entry into most big leagues in Europe. 

And like the author says... Don't remember that feature in the local sports app to the pre-order beer and sausage, right? Watch more photos from the big project gathered in a photo gallery below.

A foretaste of the football experience of the future? Even though American football and European football – or soccer as it's named in US – are two different sports, thoughts and ideas may well see the light of day in Europe before too long. For example, the giant video screen from Samsung. Watch photos and 3D renderings of SoFi Stadium, which is more likely to be described as a small town in the city. With hotels, luxury apartments, green areas and recreational pleasures before, during and after the match. LA Ram's owner and businessman Stan Kroenke's vision has come true after 5 years of preparation. Photo: SoFi Stadium / Vantage Point Global, Inc.

An early rendering of the great stadium. Pull the slider and see the result. Photo: PR / SoFi Stadium
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