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Denne artikel er mere end 12 måneder gammel og kan indeholde gammel/uddateret information. This entry has been published on 29th March 2021 and may be out of date.

The well-known hate object, VAR, is now - after a series of controversial situations in the just-concluded World Cup qualifying round - in demand, as the exact opposite. Great nations that Spain and Portugal missed VAR during their recent qualifiers.

Spain and Portugal felt doomed

The two southern European countries felt so doomed in their qualifying matches last week. Portugal complained about their lack of approval of a clear goal by Christiano Ronaldo in the match against Serbia (see graphic in main picture), while the Spaniards were up in the red box, over a penalty kick to the opponent Greece. Both matches ended in a draw and thus an indirect loss of two points to each of the nations - according to their own statement, but also many fans - condemned.

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Why is VAR absent?

But why is VAR not used in such important battles at international level? Even Danish readers can probably remember the insane 3-3 draw in Switzerland in the autumn of '19, where they especially in Switzerland 1-0 goal asked themselves why in the world that situation was not captured by VAR. There were clear hands on Ajeti in a situation that provided assistance to the Swiss Freuler, who brought the red-clad players from the Switzerland to the front.

FIFA responds about missing VAR

Now FIFA has a clear answer for incomprehensible football fans. An answer that does not create hope for imminent change. Not all nations' international arenas are equipped to use VAR and in that light, the legislative bodies in the world of football - which in this case counts FIFA - have the video referee assistant system not used. Precisely to create a certain kind of equal settlement and justice in the matches, tells media

Requires technology and resources

For example, the goal line technology requires either a type of ball with a built-in magnetic sensor or a sufficient number of cameras placed at a certain height and distance, in order to function optimally. In addition, the remaining VAR part also needs both a number of VAR officials as well as a camera setup, which allegedly can not be fulfilled by a number of participating countries, since FIFA has reached this decision.

Free play for the ‘TV refs’ for a while yet

Thus a glorious message to all Monday coaches and ‘TV referees’ (read; all football fans). Free play has been awarded for condemnations, oaths and curses over referee decisions in the rest of the World Cup qualifiers. And this running pass is valid as long as FIFA believes that there must be equal opportunities in all matches. However, most people must think that it is nice to have some clarification from the stronghold of football, which until now has been absent in the larger public forums.

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